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Dipline, wireless illumination

Dipline, 21st century illumination!

The concept of wireless illumination powered by one or tow pins plunged into a panel was invented by a team of French engineers in 1992. In 1993, the company has been registered and the new technologies division started searching for partners to realize the innovative idea.


Dipline technologies

DIPLINE is an exclusive technology in architectural illumination which consists in simplicity of installation and possibility of changing the light space at any moment you want.

You and your designer draw with spotlights on ceilings, floor and walls, illuminating an interior, easily bringing inside your most complex ideas and your infinite fantasy.


Dipline specialness

DIPLINE is a unique technology in the world practice, allowing to shine any premise with hundreds lamps without using wires. A light panel, which is not louder than 3 kg, consists of polyurethane, filled with two current-carrying layers. This "sandwich" structure allows placing spotlights in any part of the panel, taking them out without disconnecting system and removing them at your sole discretion.


Dipline in use

Dipline is an ideal solution for ceiling decorating.

To pose the panels, use the same materials as for ceiling.
Dipline is good for creating a light floor.